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6. Shareholders’ Equity

For breakdown reference is made to the consolidated statement of changes in equity.

Other reserves

Deloitte Holding B.V. assumed the assets and liabilities of Stichting InterNos at December 31, 2016 with approximately €53,403 (net of deferred tax) being written-off to equity. This former goodwill of Stichting InterNos is considered a prepayment to members regarding their capital (goodwill) repayments to former partners and is therefore stated as prepayment of equity resulting in a negative equity.

Cash flow hedge reserve

The cash flow hedge reserve represents the cumulative effective portion of gains or losses arising on changes in fair value of hedging instruments entered into for cash flow hedges. The cumulative gain or loss arising on changes in fair value of the hedging instruments that are recognised and accumulated under the heading of cash flow hedge reserve will be reclassified to profit or loss only when the hedged transaction affects the profit or loss, or include as a basis adjustment to the non-financial hedged item, consistent with the Group’s accounting policy. The interest rate swap has been fully settled in 2021/2022.  

Legal reserves

The legal reserves are related to foreign exchange differences on translation of foreign operations from a subsidiary.