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Appropriation of result according to articles of association

In Article 18 of the Cooperative’s articles of association the following has been presented concerning the appropriation of result:

  1. The profit is fully distributed to the Members.

  2. The General Meeting decides on appropriation of the profit based on a proposal by the Executive Board approved by the Supervisory Board. Profit will be distributed after adoption of the financial statements evidencing that this is permissible.

  3. Based on a proposal by the Executive Board approved by the Supervisory Board, the General Meeting may decide to distribute to the Members profit of the current fiscal year.

  4. If the Cooperative sustains a loss in any fiscal year, the Executive Board will submit to the General Meeting a proposal approved by the Supervisory Board regarding treatment of the loss. The General Meeting will take a decision with respect to treatment of the loss following the proposal submitted by the Executive Board as referred to in the first sentence of this paragraph. If losses have been charged to the capital accounts, no profit will be distributed until such losses have been made up.