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The highlights, lessons learned and outlook of the Executive Board 

We have operated in a complex environment,  Read how our Executive Board have experienced the past financial year, what they've learned along the way.


We continued to adapt nimbly to serve our clients’ needs, resulting in a great collective impact made by all businesses and a growth in revenue that we are proud of.


The emission of CO2 impact climate change and indirectly impacts the wellbeing and safety of people worldwide. We have set ambitious COemission targets in our Connect for Impact strategy, and fully embraced the WorldClimate programme. To achieve our COreduction targets, we have updated our mobility and travel policies.


In a year of global challenges with deeply human impact, we focused on supporting our people and society at large. 

With the introduction of our renewed Employee Value Proposition, a continued focus on Inclusion & Diversity, and through our Deloitte Impact Foundation. 

Our focus for 2021/2022 has been on further embedding Inclusion and Diversity in daily practice. This included continuing to raise awareness, facilitating open dialogues through several initiatives and introducing new policies, driven by insights from our Diversity Measurement survey. 

Our Deloitte Neurodiversity Network celebrates the diversity of human brains and minds. Its goal is to ensure that everyone feels empowered to approach their jobs in ways that fit with how their mind, brain and thought process works.

With our Deloitte Impact Foundation, we aim to make an impact that matters by leveraging our talent's core competencies, knowledge and network to help address some of society’s most challenging problems, next to the impact we make on society through our client work.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation focuses on three themes: WorldClass, Sustainability and Inclusive Society.

In 2021/2022, our training hours have increased. We invested to support our people in their growth and development and successfully implemented the global learning platform CURA. 


Good governance is foundational to our purpose and shared values. We measure and report on our progress on: the quality of services, ethics and integrity, anti-corruption, privacy and security, sustainable procurement and innovation.

Our Responsible Business Committee (RBC) discusses responsible business matters. The aim is to provide comfort that the opportunities we accept serve our purpose.