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Highlights, outlook and lessons learned by our Executive Board

A reflection on 2022/2023 by our Executive Board. From the impact we made through our work for clients, our upcoming new strategy cycle, to our focus on sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and societal impact.

As our four-year strategy cycle drew to a close in 2023, Emeric van Waes passed over the Corporate Strategy Officer reins to Peter Sanders. The two strategists reflect on our progress to date and the opportunities ahead.

Impact stories

LGBTQ+ Workplace Monitor 

Giandrick our Data Privacy Consultant drives progress towards LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace through data

Elestor innovates renewable energy storage 

Jon, our Director Financial Advisory M&A and Julia, our Manager Financial Advisory M&A are helping to build a more sustainable future

Coming soon

Stay tuned for our next impact story! 

Our business and industries 

In this complex and dynamic environment, we helped our clients with a clear path forward and advance their business while also advancing society. 

What do our Business and Industry leaders think about the past year and how do they see the future?


The emission of CO2 impacts climate change and indirectly impacts the wellbeing and safety of people worldwide. We fully embraced the WorldClimate programme and work on reducing our business travel emissions, sourcing 100% renewable energy for our buildings and converting to a fleet that’s 100% hybrid and electric.

**Due to a change in methodology, this number cannot be compared to previous years


The building blocks of our Employee Value Proposition are: ‘passion for purpose’, ‘being the true you’ and ‘never stop growing’. We focus on an inclusive culture that supports people to achieve their full potential by focusing on their strengths and provide a meaningful career.

The Engage for Change initiative was launched in October 2022. It is an NSE driven, deliberate focus on harnessing our employee feedback to influence the choices and actions that we make to continually improve.

Never stop growing

In 2022/2023, our training hours have increased. To continue to offer outstanding value, we invested to support our people in their growth and development both through formal and informal learning curriculum. 

Deloitte Impact Foundation

We are committed to performing pro bono work and giving back to society via a large variety of societal initiatives through our employees’ core competences, knowledge and network.


Good governance is foundational to our purpose and shared values. We measure and report on our progress on: the quality of services, ethics and integrity, anti-corruption, privacy and security, sustainable procurement and innovation.