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Connect for Impact and our 'Future of' themes 

Rooted in our strategy are ‘connect’ and ‘impact’. We believe that collaboration creates the most impact; whether that’s working together with clients and partners or connecting colleagues internally. It enables us to combine different perspectives, skills and expertise, and that (we believe) leads to breakthrough outcomes for today’s most complex challenges.


Proactively connecting our clients, partners, suppliers, people and ecosystems; supporting our clients’ transitions to becoming more sustainable and responsible businesses.


Driving tangible, measurable improvements to amplify our impact on our clients, our people and society. By focusing on long-term sustainability in the Netherlands, via key societal challenges. 

Our world is ever-changing. As we want to make an impact on society, we closely monitor the latest and future developments and arising challenges in the health, food, mobility and energy sectors. This enables us to share our expertise with our partners in the ecosystems and contribute to the necessary transformations to ensure sustainable growth.

We focus our voice in the market through four societal challenges: our ‘Future of’ themes. These themes - Health, Mobility, Energy and Food - are the underlying drivers for creating a more sustainable society and help society achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

These four challenges are also characterised by having cross-business and cross-industry impact. By setting-up and collaborating in ecosystems, we respond to our call-to-action: Connect for Impact.

Future of Health

How can we prevent rocketing healthcare costs by means of early presentation and diagnosis? Which technological and behavioural measures lead to overall health, happiness and well-being? 

With the Healthcare sector facing many challenges, such as escalating care costs due to an ageing population and pressure on budgets and the workforce, a new mindset is needed. We need to move from healthcare to health, with more focus on prevention, and an improved health consumer journey, with new health players entering the ecosystem.

Future of Mobility

How can we ensure that transport of people and goods is emission and accident free, cheap, seamless and easy? What's the role of innovations like autonomous vehicles, green hydrogen airplanes and people movers?

As the way we travel is changing, we need to keep the Netherlands moving and enable seamless travel for people and goods in a sustainable way by using technology and ‘as-a-service’ solutions.

Future of Energy

How can we transition to a clean and green energy system? What's the role of electricity, hydrogen and our behaviour in this changeover?

Energy will change drastically. It is going to be more sustainable, with renewable sources and less or zero carbon emissions to meet the Paris 1.5º climate goals. Connecting the ecosystem with traditional parties, but also with start-ups and public institutions is key.

Future of Food

How can we create a food system without compromise that is sustainable, healthy, and even-handed? Which innovations can bring about this food consumption, production and waste?             

With sustainability and planetary boundaries and shifting nutritional needs, the food ecosystem will change, creating space for new players. For instance, personalised nutrition and responsible production and waste are important in this new world.