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Value creation

Business model

Our business brings together people, technology, knowledge and relationships. Where these meet, we help our clients with meaningful high-quality solutions to their complex needs and challenges to further propel their businesses. We do this through the expertise of our people (often supported by our highly specialised international delivery centres), by implementing assets that we have developed, or by assuming control over a designated part of our clients' processes.​

Our people are highly trained, skilled and motivated. Through extensive learning programmes (classroom, online and on-the-job), we accelerate the development of our people and increase their ability to further advance in their chosen area of expertise and within the industry they feel most connected with.​

Technology is an important element of our services. In all our services we use technology to obtain the best result as efficiently as possible. Moreover, we are helping our clients facing their digital challenges, for example in the areas of cyber security, and software and systems implementation.​

We make sure that our knowledge remains up to date. We partner with important knowledge institutes such as Center for the Edge to be able to tap into state-of-the-art insights from the academic world. In addition, we are organised in cross functional industries’ groups, ensuring the availability of industry-wide insights across businesses.​

Finally, we maintain relationships with our clients and potential clients to become their trusted advisor in our areas of expertise. In addition, we are an active participant in many professional organisations and contribute to social debates and challenges around pressing social issues, among others through our Future of agenda. ​

Our business model is based on our purpose, informed by our Shared values, and powered by our Connect for Impact strategy.  

Value creation model

Deloitte’s purpose is to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and the society we operate in. Our purpose is the driving force behind our strategy and our everyday actions.​

Our business model springs from the six 'capitals' (human, intellectual, natural, financial, social and manufactured) as defined by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Having a strong foundation is core to perform our services and execute our strategy. The foundation of our business model is built upon three pillars: quality, ethics and data security. Our strategy and everything we do as a firm, is rooted in trust. Trust allows us to build meaningful relationships and foster partnerships with our stakeholders.​

Our impacts stem from both the way we support our clients, and how we operate our business through our services: Advisory, Audit & Assurance, Internal support, and Deloitte Impact Foundation (DIF).  At Deloitte, we address complex and challenging issues that our clients face and provide them with innovative solutions that allow them to grow in a responsible manner. Within our firm, we have established a collaborative multidisciplinary network of professionals with various backgrounds and international and cross-industrial experiences, creating a unique blend of capabilities to holistically respond to our clients’ needs. ​

We are mindful of the consequences our activities have on our stakeholders. Being a responsible business, we try to understand the positive and negative impacts our firm has and aim to address the major societal and environmental issues.​

We create value for different stakeholder groups in a variety of ways. The value we generate for our clients arises from the services we provide and the ecosystems we develop. For the broader society, we add value through our client work, the training we provide to our talent, the taxes we pay, and the communities we support during our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives. ​

We build value for our employees through creating an environment where equity, purpose and belonging, and experience are at the core. We develop our employees’ skills through training, as well as through the engagements they work on, to address efficiently our clients’ demands. Our people are the firm’s major asset and therefore we focus on the continuous enhancement of our people's capabilities. ​

Through internal dashboards, we track and manage how our business activities can impact the planet. We support our clients in recognizing their reliance and impacts on natural resources to minimise the environmental impacts across their value chains.​

We constantly drive and embrace innovation and digital transformation. It helps us to maintain leadership in the services we offer, and provides our clients and society with tailored and cutting-edge solutions that improve the overall ecosystem Deloitte operates in.  ​

The impact we create is shaped by external factors such as the social, political and economic challenges of a constantly changing world. At Deloitte, we proactively respond to these challenges, and we address them in collaboration with our stakeholders, which in return contributes to the continuity and enhancement of our business.  ​

We strive to continuously improve our practices and adapt to changing circumstances to become a more responsible business, contributing to a better and more sustainable future.