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Our Purpose and Strategy

Our purpose is to make an impact that matters on people, clients and society.

What drives us as an organisation is making an impact, one that matters to our people, our clients, and the world around us. It is at the heart of all we do.

It influences the way we make our decisions, the way we work and run our organization. We believe it is how we deliver the best work for our clients, keep our people engaged and motivated, foster growth of our organization and add value to society.

How do we make an impact on clients? 

We connect our skills and services to work on our clients’ most critical, complex challenges and deliver consistent high quality, every single day. They face major transformations where we bring in capabilities from across our businesses and industries. 

We want to contribute actively through client work to a more responsible and resilient society by applying our Global Responsible Business Practices commitments, and our Purpose and our Shared Values in our decision-making processes. The Responsible Business Committee (RBC) is established to provide an extra layer of cross-business dialogue in cases where client or engagement acceptance matters carry a significant public interest or purpose factor.

How do we make an impact on society?

We want to play an active role in building a more responsible and resilient society in the Netherlands, with the client projects we engage in, through the initiatives within our 'Future of' themes, and through the Deloitte Impact Foundation. 

How do we make an impact on people?

We continue to provide our people with opportunities for personal growth and development. Our Employee Value Proposition is designed to provide a career that is personalised and meaningful; to enable our people to excel and be happy in their profession, contribute to their communities, and become the next generation of leaders in and outside Deloitte.

We will step up our approach to provide an inclusive workplace and leverage the diversity of our talent. Different people, different skills, and different perspectives combined to create value through the diversity of thought. 

Our strategy 2019-2023

Our purpose, our values and international approach are rooted in our strategy, and give us direction in a constantly changing world.

The aspiration of our Strategy 2019-2023 was to be the leader in professional services in the Netherlands: in terms of market position and quality and, most importantly, in the minds of our clients, stakeholders and talent. The double interview with Peter Sanders and Emeric van Waes talks about the progress and achievements of our Strategy 2019-2023. 

Our strategic imperatives

To become the undisputed leader in professional services, we built our strategy on five strategic imperatives where we aimed to make purposeful step changes.

1. Embrace quality and responsible business

We live up to our values, creating impact for our clients, our people and for society in areas where we can make a difference and lead on quality. We therefore want to embed our purpose in the core of our business and in everything we do, prioritizing key societal challenges. We keep on strengthening our robust quality programs both in Audit and in our Advisory businesses.

2. Step up to market leadership

Market leadership is not only about size, but about the impact we make. Apart from occupying a leading market position in our chosen markets, we want to be the leader in the minds of our clients and other stakeholders, including our people. That is why we aim to strengthen our C-level network and profile in the public domain. In Advisory, our target is to secure our leading position; in Audit, we aim to lead on quality and innovation and establish a fair market share in the upcoming mandatory auditor rotations.

3. Invest in profitable growth

We look to continue our profitable growth in the coming years to enable us to further invest in our talent and innovation. To realise profitable growth throughout our client portfolio, we will leverage our multi-disciplinary growth platforms in North South Europe (NSE) and global (Sustainability, Cloud, M&A and SAP S/4HANA®) to grow our core, export our unique capabilities and leverage our assets. Our objective is to achieve a balanced portfolio, which allows for growth across all client segments.

4. Accelerate innovation

Leveraging our international cooperation, we want to expand our business model through the development of innovative software assets, shifting from a time-based model to a model where software assets play a key role in our delivery. We have prioritised our assets and are gearing up for further roll-out. In addition, we are digitising our own infrastructure by implementing cutting-edge ERM and CRM platforms – supporting our global Deloitte collaboration - as well as business specific digital platforms that we deploy for the execution of our engagements, automated controls, and communication and collaboration with our clients.   

5. Strengthen engagement and inclusiveness

Our people determine the impact we have on clients and society. We believe in the power of diversity and recognise that this starts with an inclusive culture that allows every individual to grow in line with their personal needs and capabilities. We will therefore open up different career paths and embed inclusive leadership as the driving force of an inclusive culture. This will also be the foundation for significant improvements in diversity. We have redesigned our employee value proposition and implemented terms of employment that are up-to-date and offer the flexibility to cater to individual employees’ needs. In addition, we stimulate entrepreneurship related to our markets by involving our partners and Young Deloitte in shaping the future of our firm.

During the Summer of 2023, we will finalise our Strategy for 2023-2027 and its content will be shared with relevant stakeholders.