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Our strategy in action: Cloud MDM

We see how cloud puts advanced technologies at the heart of our clients’ business and how it enables them to rethink the meaning of value and measuring performance. It transforms the way of working, faster than they ever imagined and in ways they never considered.

Our strategy in action: Deloitte Neurodiversity Network

Our Deloitte Neurodiversity Network celebrates the diversity of human brains and minds. Its goal is to ensure that everyone at Deloitte Netherlands feels empowered to approach their jobs in ways that fit with how their mind, brain and thought process works.

Our strategy in action: Responsible Business Committee

In 2021/2022, our Responsible Business Committee (RBC)  discussed responsible business matters within client engagements such as purpose, values, reputation, people and society. The committee may invite subject matter experts to the dialogue, depending on the topic to be discussed. The RBC guides and supports engagement teams in applying and executing our shared values and principles.

Our strategy in action: Employee Value Proposition

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) aims to create a distinctive experience for all Deloitters. In 2021/2022, we have taken important steps to execute our EVP including the implementation of a new reward program.

Our progress

By 2023, we want our purpose to be fully embedded into our daily business. Our goal is to make a tangible impact on society through our client work. Where do we stand in realising our ambition?