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Impact stories by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

Financial Health 

The Financial Health programme aims to raise awareness and improve the financial health of households in the Netherlands. Financial health has a tremendous impact on people's lives, their families, their physical and mental health, and also their performance at work or school. The aim is that by 2030, the number of people who experience financial stress is reduced by 50%, and people are in control of their finances, now and in the future. To achieve this, current initiatives are:

Annual Research 

Together with our partners, NIBUD and Leiden University, we provide insight into the financial health of Dutch households. We developed a methodology for measuring financial health to score Dutch households on a financial health scale. With 5,000 households participating in the survey, we provide a snapshot of the current situation, and we monitor the development of financial health in the Netherlands.

National Coalition for Financial Health (NCFG)

Deloitte, ING, and SchuldenlabNL have taken the lead in forming a broad coalition (NCFG) of employers to tackle financial problems and debt in the workplace. Our CEO, Hans Honig, is chair of the NCFG during 2022/2023, and within the programme, we run project management, participate, and lead in working groups focusing on measuring the financial health of employees, improving awareness, and creating an action plan with interventions for employers.

Key achievements in FY23 include:

  • Establishing a new partnership with the IT Campus in Rotterdam to enhance students' digital skills.

  • Organising the Homebase Festival in collaboration with Studiezalen and the ABN AMRO Foundation to support and mentor children in marginalised areas of Amsterdam.

  • Collaborating with JINC to impact over 2,000 students in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

  • Donating laptops and IT devices to partner organisations to enhance their digital skills and activities.

  • Developing sustainability and energy transition workshops in partnership with various energy companies.


Millions of people worldwide are still being left behind, unable to fully develop their talents. Through the WorldClass programme in the Netherlands, we are dedicated to expanding horizons and investing in the talent development of vulnerable youth in economically disadvantaged districts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

We utilise the expertise of our employees to organise scalable and sustainable activities. We collaborate with the education sector and business community to develop new teaching materials in areas such as energy, financial health, entrepreneurship, digital skills, technology, and soft skills for primary and secondary school students.

Our professionals play a vital role in addressing the teacher shortage by serving as guest lecturers, teaching assistants, and offering in-person or virtual assistance within the Dutch education system. We provide guidance and support to students in securing internships and jobs, leveraging our network of offices, employees, clients, and partnerships. These activities contribute to equal opportunities for every child's comprehensive development.

Mangrove Reforestation Project 

Mangrove Reforestation Project In October 2022, together with Deloitte Dutch Caribbean, we launched a mangrove reforestation project in Curaçao. This initiative aims to restore biodiversity, protect coastal areas, enhance (marine) ecosystems, increase fish stocks, and preserve carbon storage.

The project is conducted in partnership with the Ryan de Jongh Foundation, a local organisation with over 17 years of experience in planting and restoring mangrove forests on Curaçao. Alongside tree planting, knowledge sharing and exchange about mangrove trees are key aspects of the programme. The project team is researching and monitoring carbon storage in mangrove trees, exploring transparent measurement techniques using innovative technologies like blockchain. Collaborating with universities and research institutions, we aim to expand our understanding of mangroves' carbon storage capabilities.

Together with Ryan de Jongh, Deloitte started a pilot phase of the mangrove reforestation project in Boca Sami Bay. Following this phase of research and experimentation, the project will expand to encompass the entire bay of Boca Sami, Rif St. Marie, and Klein Curaçao.

 Furthermore, leveraging the knowledge acquired through Ryan de Jongh's expertise, we aim to extend support to other Caribbean islands for the restoration and expansion of their mangrove forests.

Our reforestation project has the potential to serve as a prominent model for mangrove restoration in the Caribbean. Through a network for sharing mangrove knowledge, we aspire to provide insights from our project so that others can learn and scale up their efforts in different areas.