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‘Future of’ themes

As part of our Connect for Impact strategy, we want to practice what we preach: being a purpose-led organisation. We will focus our voice in the market through six societal challenges: our ‘Future of’ themes. These six challenges are characterised by having cross-business and cross-industry impact. By setting-up and collaborating in ecosystems, we respond to our call-to-action: Connect for Impact.

Our selection of the ‘Future of’ themes is a strategic, yet dynamic one: the selection may change as societal challenges emerge or submerge. What they have in common is that with our ‘Future of’ themes, we create ecosystems to accelerate the transformations necessary to adapt to new realities and help solve the challenges that society faces around the topics that we have selected. Deloitte unleashes its expertise, cross-industry experience and thought power to make these ecosystems as efficient and effective as possible.

Future of Health

With the Healthcare sector facing many challenges, such as escalating care costs due to an aging population and pressure on budgets and workforce, a new mindset is needed. We need to move from healthcare to health: with more focus on prevention, and an improved health consumer journey, where new health players will and have to enter the ecosystem.

Future of Work

Due to COVID-19 and digitisation, a couple of questions arise on what work we will do, who will do this work and where this work will be done. It is important to redefine work and look at, for instance, a virtual office, a good human-machine mix and employee value propositions.

Future of Security

Our society is vulnerable as a financial, digital and trading hub. It is important to keep these flows secure. Business and citizens expect the government to be a security provider, but in a world of rapid technological change, globalisation and complexity, how should we organise our security? Key topics are around financial crime, cybersecurity, future of defence and justice, and citizen- and corporate engagement in government issues.

Future of Mobility

As the way we travel is changing, we need to keep the Netherlands moving and enable seamless travel for people and goods in a sustainable way by using technology and ‘as-a-service’ solutions.

Future of Energy

Energy will change drastically; it is going to be more sustainable, with renewable sources and less or zero carbon emissions to meet the climate agreement goals. Connecting the ecosystem with traditional parties, but also with start-ups and public institutions is key.

Future of Food

Because of sustainability and planetary boundaries and shifting nutritional needs, the food ecosystem will change, creating space for new players. For instance, personalised nutrition and responsible production and waste are important in this new world.