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Our strategy in action: Deloitte Neurodiversity Network

Our Deloitte Neurodiversity Network celebrates the diversity of human brains and minds. Its goal is to ensure that everyone at Deloitte Netherlands feels empowered to approach their jobs in ways that fit with how their mind, brain and thought process works. Neurodiversity encompasses a range of conditions that manifest themselves in various ways, including Autism Spectrum Condition, Attention Deficit Disorder, dyslexia, intellectual giftedness, and dyscalculia. ​These conditions are not abnormal, they are simply variations of the human brain.

Anne Dumonnet, Inclusion & Diversity Lead: ‘By setting up a Neurodiversity Network, we want to give neurodivergent Deloitters a community to share their experiences, to create awareness within the firm and to enact change in policy and processes. In this past year, we have created a toolkit to learn about what neurodiversity can entail and how colleagues and managers can be of support. Additionally, we appointed trusted advisors and offer confidential counselling to support people with questions or dilemma’s that they might have.’

‘When I became aware of the Neurodiversity Network within Deloitte, it gave me a feeling of recognition and it was great to be a part of a community with a broader mindset of inclusion. It’s innovative in the sense that a more diverse and inclusive workforce, including neurodiversity, will deliver better results in the end. Engaging in meaningful conversations with both neurodiverse and neurotypical colleagues enabled me to better understand the added value of a diverse ‘brain landscape’.'

Elmer Gorseling (Manager, Consulting)