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Our strategy in action: Future of Food

Through our 'Future of' themes, we focus our voice in the market on key societal challenges. The Future of Food is one of them. Within this theme, it’s about changing how we grow, produce and consume food in the future. We aim to drive the transformation of the entire food ecosystem by future-proofing clients and supporting them to align shifting nutritional needs within planetary boundaries.

Randy Jagt, leader of our Future of Food theme: 'Great examples of what we have achieved within the Future of Food are helping Cargill to set-up a data-driven digital platform that makes their supply chain significantly more transparent and helping DSM to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. 

To scale these kinds of initiatives to a system transformation, the Future of Food team and the Deloitte Centre for the Edge have started to orchestrate a net positive platform together with a number of food system players including farmers, food producers, retailers, catering, financial and research institutions.'

'Growing up in a family with nine kids, dinner time was the moment to come together, have conversations and exchange our experiences. These are the moments that matter, that have shaped me into who I am today and my commitment to connect for impact within the food ecosystem and realise a net positive food system. I'm incredibly proud to lead the Future of Food and work together with so many passionate and committed people. One of them is Vikranth Datla: 

‘I come from an agricultural family in the Southern part of India and my dad is a farmer. Agriculture has always been part of my life. So I empathise with the struggles of farmers and the challenges in the food ecosystem. My purpose is to create a positive impact in this area. Being part of the Future of Food team makes it possible to fulfil that purpose as we are working on accelerating the transformation of food ecosystems by addressing key challenges.'

Vikranth Datla (Senior Consultant, Consulting)

Randy Jagt: 'Changing the system will require a change in the mindset of consumers. To address this internally, we launched our True Price coffee bar at our office in Amsterdam. It shows you the 'true price' of your cup of coffee considering the social and environmental costs and the barista asks consumers if they want to pay the true price. It resulted in nearly 60% of consumers paying the 'true price' for their coffee, but more importantly, it created a lot of awareness and triggered conversations.'