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About this Report

This is our seventh Integrated Annual Report (IAR or ‘Report’). It contains information on our impact, value creation, strategy and related performance for the financial year that started on June 1, 2021 and ended on May 31, 2022. It builds on our previous IAR, published on  September 28, 2021.

In line with our ambition to be the undisputed leader in professional services, we have created a roadmap towards full compliance with the (expected) requirements of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy. In this report, we have already started the implementation of this roadmap, among other aspects by implementing a new approach towards materiality of non-financial topics.  

We publish our IAR as a fully interactive document alongside a (static) PDF. The text and numbers in the PDF have been subject to external assurance and the PDF therefore takes precedence in case of discrepancies. In addition to this Report, Deloitte Accountants B.V. has published their annual Transparency Report containing information on our Audit & Assurance practice’s structure, governance and system of quality controls. The Transparency Report is also available on our website. Our 2021/2022 IAR also covers the main themes and topics included in the Transparency Report.

Compared to previous reports, we have changed the structure to improve focus and relevance for our stakeholders. The management report now zooms in on our strategy, our (business) performance and our value creation. The detailed financial performance can be found in the financial statements in Annex 1. In the non-financial statements in Annex 2, we detail our approach of and progress on the non-financial topics that we deem material to our business. 

We believe in maintaining an open and transparent dialogue and relationship with our stakeholders. By sharing this Report, we want to improve the understanding of how we create value by executing our strategy and fulfilling our purpose – to make an impact that matters. As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback: it enables us to further improve our impact and related reporting in the years ahead. Please send your comments, questions or observations to .