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Tax & Legal

At Tax & Legal, we aim to be the transformation partner for our clients. By working side-by-side with them, connecting them with expertise, capabilities, technology and innovative ideas and by bringing legal advice, strategy and technology together to develop innovative solutions and create value.

Willem Blom, our Business Leader Tax & Legal, on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does Tax & Legal create value?

We strive to be a transformation partner for our clients. We support clients to achieve their sustainability goals by helping them understand and apply the regulations relating to their business. Taxes are very important to keep society running and we are proud that we can contribute to the effective operation of tax authorities. We give input on new laws and share our ideas on the future of Tax & Legal: for instance, how taxes can be applied to more social themes. Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, we create value on broader social themes by providing pro bono fiscal expertise to support the activities of The Ocean Cleanup, among other things. We are also an active partner of Capabuild, the organisation that helps tax authorities in developing countries to work more efficiently.

‘Helping to finance societal progress with innovative and sustainable tax solutions, my goal is to create diverse teams that aim to lead clients through a sustainably successful transformation.’

- Willem Blom, Business Leader Tax & Legal

What are your priorities for the coming year?

Like our clients, a key challenge is to attract and retain talent. We will continue to offer an inclusive and diverse culture and opportunities to work on transformational projects such as the big global trend of Pillar Two. Implementation of this new legislation (which introduces a minimum effective tax rate of at least 15 per cent) requires extensive knowledge not just of tax and legal issues but also data and technology.