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Risk Advisory

At Risk Advisory, we aim to help clients to build trust, security and resilience to thrive and become more responsible businesses by supporting them to grow in a sustainable way, balancing the needs of all stakeholders.

Harvey Christopher, our Business Leader Risk Advisory, on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does Risk Advisory create value? 

Our added value is around helping our clients to become more responsible businesses. By investing in world-class capabilities and assets and by managing risks in a responsible way or sustainability risk and reporting. We differentiate ourselves by being purpose-led and having talent that is really proud of their impact. Whether it is in the field of cyber and responsible digital transformation, responsible regulatory compliance and risk modelling, responsible use of data, or responsible cloud and technology modernisation.

‘The increase in diverse talent we now have, united in the impact we have together for our clients, is something I really enjoy. We are becoming more balanced in aspects such as gender, culture, nationality. An important step in creating an environment in which quality and opportunity thrive.’

- Harvey Christophers, Business Leader Risk Advisory

What are your priorities for the coming year? 

Becoming more sustainable and assessing the impact of key sustainability topics like climate and biodiversity change which is a top priority, for us and for our clients. In addition, it's a challenge for organisations to become more digital, whilst doing that in a responsible way. Operation system security and data ethics are related topics that have come up in the past years and that will remain important topics for our clients in the years to come.

But I expect our focus will also be on how companies respond to the Ukraine crisis with sanctions, new cyber threats and new reputational risks, and how businesses respond to the associated economic challenges as well.