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Government & Public Services

Within the Government and Public Services (G&PS), we are committed to think about the complex issues facing the public sector and improving public outcomes through our focus on people and by developing relevant, timely and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Sjoerd van der Smissen, our G&PS leader since May 2022, together with his predecessor (Rob Dubbeldeman) on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does Government & Public Sector create value?

Rob: 'Our work creates value not only for our immediate clients but also for society. If we work on a project to improve the accessibility of an inner city, our client is the city authority, but our results benefit the city’s residents. And when we work for a hospital, ultimately the patients will benefit. Connecting for impact is what drives us to work in this domain.'

Sjoerd: 'We create value by delivering quality in helping our clients tackle their biggest issues, varying from (cyber) safety, health(care), responsible tax and trust. This enables us to make a positive impact on society.'

‘Being a good and welcoming employer, where everybody feels at home, is what I strive for. Together we can help the public sector, and thus the Netherlands, to tackle societal challenges more efficiently and effectively.’

- Sjoerd van der Smissen, Industry Leader Government & Public Sector

What are your priorities for the coming year?

Sjoerd: The public sector is facing various challenges. First, the sector must increasingly be able to find quick solutions to social issues during a crisis. Second, there is an urgent demand for digitalisation to improve services and workforce composition. Third, sustainability is a major task and a challenge for everyone. And the fourth challenge is redefining government and government spending. We will continue to share our knowledge, skills and best practice from our international network and connect to the 'Future of’ themes, Health, Safety and Mobility.