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Financial Services Industry

Within the Financial Services Industry (FSI), we aim to provide comprehensive integrated solutions to the banking and capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors.

Pieter Hofman, our Financial Services Industry Leader, on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does Financial Services create value?

‘In all our projects we want to make a difference. Working with clients to not only answer their questions but also to go one step further with rethink and design. Asking: how can we make things better? How can we support the further development of the financial sector? How can we help to improve the overall financial health of society, enabling people to live a better life? We have become a market leader because of our in-depth client knowledge. We bring the best expertise we have to each project, in a multidisciplinary way providing our clients insights to solve complex issues they are facing. And of course, we evaluate our work asking our clients if we really have made an impact, allowing us to improve ourselves again and again.’  

‘Transaction Monitoring Netherlands is a project I am really proud  of, helping banks make a next step in their journey to prevent money laundering. It is my ambition to make an impact together.’

- Pieter Hofman, Industry Leader Financial Services

What are your priorities for the coming year?

Two ongoing priorities for our financial services clients are far-reaching digitisation powered by data and compliance issues relating to KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. Sustainability will be a key topic with multiple dimensions which go beyond compliance with new laws and regulations. Clients are asking: how can we become a sustainable and responsible business ourselves? How can we support our clients in larger ecosystems? And what initiatives can banks, pension funds or insurers invest in to help accelerate sustainability developments like the energy transition, Future of Mobility, improving financial health or making homes more sustainable?