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Energy, Resources & Industrials

Within the Energy, Resources & Industrials (ER&I) industry, we are committed to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the energy sector. With our in-depth expertise in energy and resources, we help a significant number of the world’s energy companies.

Eric Vennix, our Energy, Resources & Industrials Industry Leader, on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does Energy, Resources & Industrials create value? 

From the discussions we have with our clients, it's clear that the Future of Energy and the energy transition are important topics. There is increased investor and regulatory pressure and changing customer demand, and a growing realisation that there is a need to transform business models to remain relevant and competitive. 

We add value by helping our clients with this transformation. We help Gasunie with transforming the gas infrastructure to hydrogen, and for the largest green hydrogen project in Europe, NortH2, we carry out a comprehensive feasibility study to lay the foundations for a viable green hydrogen economy. At a societal level, we add value by working on a Marshall plan, together with our Deloitte Impact Foundation, that allows us to support society thrive in the Future of Energy. 

‘The fact that we were able to help our clients thrive in uncertain times, assisting them with their decarbonisation ambitions makes me confident that we are on the right path.’

- Eric Vennix, Industry Leader Energy, Resources & Industrials

What are your priorities for the coming year? 

I expect that our focus will be on possible solutions for the impact of emission reduction goals on an organisation's valuations, operations, employees and markets. The risks of the transitions include depressed asset values, stranded assets and changing market demand. But we have also gone from a demand collapse during the pandemic to a supply shock caused by the war in Ukraine. These are serious tests of the energy systems in transition.

And with the energy transition at full speed, our national security of supply is under increasing pressure leading to a higher dependency on the import of energy. Together with the liberalisation of the energy market, placing the responsibility for security of supply on market players. Technology and digital will become key and I expect to see an increased demand for our services here.