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Within the Consumer Industry, we are committed to creating winning strategies in the following sectors: Automotive, Consumer Products, Retail, and Transportation, Hospitality & Services. Our mission is to use proprietary data and judgement to help clients get closer to consumers.

Dominique van Seggelen, our Consumer Industry Leader, on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does the Consumer Industry create value? 

We create value by combining our knowledge, experience and capabilities, and by connecting services that reinforce each other to provide a tailor-made answer to the questions of our clients. Our strength is supporting our clients end-to-end and direct-to-consumer. And by working together with our clients as partners, we become successful. 

‘Our clients do not often ask for integrated services, but we know that this is exactly what they need. Making them look back on a major transformation with great satisfaction, is what drives me.’

- Dominique van Seggelen, Industry Leader Consumer

What are your priorities for the coming year? 

We have seen so many worldwide disruptions, and what they have taught us is that welfare depends on the consumer. If they are willing to invest, our economy will continue to run. So digital capabilities, strong communication, excellent branding and good marketing and sales are important. In the coming year, we focus on our Customer and Marketing services. 

Another priority is to support clients to become more responsible businesses. As a consumer myself, I would be proud to see more green and sustainable products.