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Audit & Assurance

At Deloitte, we aim to carry out consistently high-quality audits and provide assurance services to non-audit clients. In our service delivery, we leverage expertise from the various businesses that are part of our multidisciplinary model. Whilst our financial audit professionals reside in our A&A legal entity, we engage, for example, IT-auditors and ESG-specialists from our Risk Advisory practice, forensic auditors and valuation specialists from our Financial Advisory practice, and Tax specialists from our Tax & Legal practice. In doing so, we strive to serve the public interest and to protect the public’s trust and confidence in the capital markets,  leveraging the breadth and depth of Deloitte’s expertise towards the audit and assurance needs of our stakeholders.

Rob Bergmans, our Business Leader Audit & Assurance, on value creation and the priorities for the upcoming year. 

How does Audit & Assurance create value?

‘We create value by protecting the public trust and confidence in capital markets. Our core objective is to carry out consistently high-quality audits and to provide assurance services. We connect with the finance professionals and audit committees of the entities we audit, as well as with our people and with society. In doing so, we aim to deliver a superior quality experience that serves the public interest and inspires our people. With bright minds, effective processes, and world-class technologies we aim to deliver an impact beyond expectations. We excel in taking a holistic approach to Audit & Assurance by delivering on five key strengths: a level of quality beyond expectations, an open culture that stimulates meaningful dialogue, a multi-disciplinary model for nurturing inclusive thinking, upholding responsibility for all we deliver, and finally, being digital and technology-driven to ensure that we are pushing ourselves to keep innovating.’

‘We live in a ‘zero trust’ world. As Deloitte, we aim to provide trust, to the colleagues working at Deloitte, to our clients and to all our stakeholders. I believe being connected is key.’

- Rob Bergmans, Busines Leader Audit & Assurance

What are your priorities for the upcoming year? 

From an outside-in perspective, I see the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria as a key priority for the upcoming years, supporting our clients in establishing their ESG-frameworks and the related reporting. Either helping them strengthen their framework, or by assuring their external reporting. From an inside-out perspective, we are a people-driven business and our business is growing. Our focus is on attracting, developing and retaining a wide range of experts.