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Financial services

The financial sector is on the move: that is an understatement. Banks, insurers, fund managers and pension funds are going through exciting times. At Deloitte we have valuable knowledge and experience for the financial sector. We know what concerns you and are happy to help you with our experience.

In contrast to the financial crisis of 2008, the COVID-19 pandemic saw many financial institutions taking on an active role in supporting their clients and thereby protecting the economy of the Netherlands from severe damage. We are proud that, in 2020/2021, we were able to be a valuable partner to many of our clients in this way.

Meanwhile, the crisis accelerated trends that were already emerging in recent years, such as incumbents being challenged by new entrants (including FinTechs, BigTechs and large international players), increased pressure from regulators and society on compliance topics (such as Know-Your-Customer procedures), ecosystems blurring the boundaries in financial services, standardising and digitalising products and services in order to increase customer engagement and reduce costs, while leveraging data and data analytics as a key differentiator.

In this dynamic landscape, we focus on our key accounts, building relationships and serving our financial services clients at the core of their business. We make sure we work both at the strategic level and within clients’ supporting functions, so we truly understand their organisation. Our key objectives are to partner with our clients on innovation and digitisation, to support new entrants in scaling their businesses and to comply with all relevant regulations. The main challenge we face is the attraction and retention of talented professionals. The skill sets we need in order to deliver on our goals are relatively new and scarce, but they are also in high demand among all our clients and competitors in the financial services sector.

Pieter Hofman, Industry Leader: 'First of all I’m impressed by the resilience and adaptability of our clients in these challenging times. Very proud of our FSI colleagues finding new ways to support our clients in there challenges. Together we have delivered amazing results, really impacting Financial Services in a positive way.'