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Energy, resources and industrials

As player on the energy, resources & industrials field you are faced with new challenges every day. At Deloitte, we provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the energy sector. With our in-depth expertise in energy and resources we help a significant proportion of the world’s energy companies.

The energy transition is rapidly changing the industry, resulting in a world of opportunities for our clients: new ecosystems are forming, increased electrification poses unique challenges and sustainability, formerly a peripheral concern, is now a subject at the heart of the industry. Even during a global health crisis, the general public continued to call for urgent political and corporate action on climate and air pollution in 2020/2021. Investors and shareholders are demanding that our clients respond; in turn, clients are uncertain as to what the future of energy will look like, and as a result, what the best strategic decisions are for their business. Deloitte provides a clear perspective on the possible energy landscape of the future, using our transformation architecture and scenario modelling capabilities. We increasingly play a role in enabling our clients to keep up with and stay ahead of the major transformations we are seeing in the energy industry.

There are other challenges and opportunities, however, besides the energy transition. Competition in the chemicals sector has led to major industry consolidation, for example. In the field of technology, more and smarter innovation brings many opportunities, from digitisation to artificial intelligence and circular disruptors with new business models. The trend of smart factories and smart products in manufacturing and construction continued to rise last year; meanwhile, power companies are collecting ever more client data and oil and gas companies are increasing their investments in advanced technologies for their lengthy and complex value chains. All of this makes robust cyber security more important than ever. Digital disruption also spurs on large, technology-enabled transformations, and these drive a significant portion of our MDMs. Thanks to our expertise and broad reach, we are very well placed to help clients navigate a path through these issues. Our businesses enable our clients in this sector to achieve profitable growth, whether this is through mergers and acquisitions, investments in future energies or industrial innovation.

Eric Vennix, Industry Leader: 'The great thing about the clients in our Industry is that they impact every aspect of our lives. Our clients fuel the processes that are critical for people to eat, live and move. They also play a key role in the Energy Transition. I am proud of how we have established ourselves as a leading professional services company to work together with our clients to navigate every aspect of this transition.'