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5. Capital management and financial risk management 

The members A of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. are private companies owned by holding companies of each individual partner. Under the Associate Agreement each member of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. has placed (the workforce of) each partner at the disposal of Deloitte Holding B.V. and its Group companies in which the relevant professional activities for that partner are performed. Based on the revised Associate Agreement as of June 1, 2015 a management fee, which approximates 80% of the expected consolidated net amount of operational and financial income and expenses of Deloitte Holding B.V., is paid to the members of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. through Stichting Financiering Deloitte. In accordance with the associate agreement, the Executive Board determines the level of the management fee, based on 70%-80% of the expected results, at the beginning of the financial year. The level of the management fee can be adjusted by the Executive Board if results deviate from the expected results.

In addition to the members’ capital, members of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. (and the previous shareholders of Deloitte Holding B.V.) provided subordinated loans to Stichting Financiering Deloitte. Loans subject to the Claw-Back Clause can be continued after the end of the Associate Agreement for the maximum of 6 years. Deloitte has implemented a Claw-Back scheme with a six year term for profit-sharing partners who serve as external auditors and are involved in statutory audit engagements. In case of a Claw-Back Event the amount accrued under the Claw-Back scheme is not paid out to the audit partner.

Payments of management fees by virtue of the Associate Agreement and other payments (with exception of distribution of profits) to members take place through Stichting Financiering Deloitte. Stichting Financiering Deloitte provides a subordinated loan to Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. The profile of this subordinated loan is ultimately equal to that of the subordinated loans provided by the individual members of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. to Stichting Financiering Deloitte.
This loan is subordinated to all creditors and lender banks. Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. as shareholder of Deloitte Holding B.V. contributed €13 million (May 31, 2020: €39 million) into Deloitte Holding B.V. via an additional capital contribution, and a subordinated loan. These transactions between above entities are all non-cash transactions and settled in current account. Stichting Financiering Deloitte was established by the (former-) Deloitte partners, members of Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. as an entity to protect the interests of the members collectively from a financing perspective should a calamity arise that could affect the members.

The control over Stichting Financiering Deloitte lies with the members who amongst others have the right at all times to elect and dismiss its board members. Consequently, Stichting Financiering Deloitte is not controlled by the Group and therefore is not included in these consolidated financial statements.

The Group is not subject to any externally imposed capital requirements. Covenants are applied with regards to the bank loans, see note Bank loans.