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11. Off-balance sheet commitments

Fiscal unity

The legal entity is part of a fiscal unity for corporate income tax and VAT purposes and for that reason it is jointly and severally liable for the tax liabilities of the fiscal unity as a whole.

Stichting Financiering Deloitte

Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. and its subsidiaries are jointly and severally liable to members for what is owed to them by Stichting Financiering Deloitte with regard to the financial resources borrowed from the members by Stichting Financiering Deloitte and re-issued to Coöperatief Deloitte U.A. The Group has agreed certain security covenants with Stichting Financiering Deloitte, including a negative pledge covenant as well as the granting of securities at the first request of Stichting Financiering Deloitte. With respect to the ranking of these securities rights, covenants have been agreed between the Group, Stichting Financiering Deloitte, ING Bank and Rabobank (as lenders under Deloitte’s credit facility). This entails that the rights of Stichting Financiering Deloitte are subordinated to those of third party creditors and the lender banks.

The Supervisory Board

The company has indemnified the members of the Supervisory Board from the financial consequences of claims from third parties (including defence costs) resulting from or related to the supervisory task of the members of the Supervisory Board and to the extent the insurance of the company does not cover matters concerned.


The company has issued a joint and several liability statement to the provisions of Section 2:403 of the Dutch Civil Code with respect to Deloitte Accountancy & Advies B.V. and Deloitte Group Support Center B.V.