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Value creation


In line with our purpose and strategy, we are an active player in many markets, including the professional services market, the labour market and the broader social and regulatory environment. Through our proactiveness, we want to enhance our understanding of the factors that drive our performance and success.

Central in our value creation is our business model, which has been developed to help define, design and implement impactful solutions to the many transitional challenges our clients face. The combined professional and industry knowledge and experience of our talent are essential in this respect. Our business model is powered by our purpose and aspirations, and supported by our strategy and processes. Our daily business operations use tangible and intangible capitals to fulfil our purpose, and through these operations, we have a direct and indirect impact on the people, companies and societies we interact with. This is how we create value for all our stakeholder groups. We have schematically described our value creation model, detailing our main inputs and impacts. These elements are further elaborated in this section of our Report.

We value our multi-disciplinary service model (MDM) that combines the capabilities across our businesses in the areas of audit, tax, risk, cyber, HR and corporate finance. We believe the MDM enhances client quality:

  • It allows us to better meet our clients’ needs and expectations, given the nature of our clients and the nature of the issues they face;

  • It allows us to better train our people by enhancing their understanding of complex issues;

  • It ensures our appeal in a competitive labour market, as our people can switch between our businesses, thereby broadening their horizons and developing their careers and performance;

  • Together, all our businesses contribute to a better understanding of the economic sectors (and industries) we deal with, and provide insights and technology that enhance the overall quality and economic relevance of our service provision; and

  • It reduces our exposure to cyclical fluctuations that affect certain businesses or industries, as proven by the way we have been able, so far, to weather the COVID-19 crisis.