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Impact stories

Panel & Proposal Promise

A "new" norm that men, woman and underrepresented groups can identify with at all times. That is the purpose of Deloitte's Panel & Purpose Promise, which went live in February 2021. Hilary Richters, Lead Digital Ethics at Deloitte Risk Advisory, is the driving force behind the Promise. 'It's an instrument. We're not there yet, but this is a great start.'

The reversed mentorship programme

Our 2023 Inclusion mission is to create an inclusive workplace in which every individual can be their true self, is respected, and can fulfil their potential. We want to create an inclusive culture that attracts and retains diverse talent and is representative of society. While continuing to move the needle on I&D, we have an urgency to increase cultural inclusion & diversity at our firm.

The health(care) future

The societal, technological and medical challenges we face today as a society are complex. That is why Deloitte is committed to contributing to innovative solutions that improve quality of life - and the change of life - for people. For example, a team at Deloitte, together with the IC of Erasmuc MC in Rotterdam, has developed an algorithm based on artificial intelligence and analysis of available patient data. We monitor real-time IC patients and develop more algorithms for other applications.

Creating a viable hydrogen economy

Hydrogen is projected to play a key role in the future of energy and its development will happen faster than many might expect. Increasingly, business leaders understand they need to get a grip on hydrogen to understand where the opportunities will be. Where will the transition to hydrogen unfold first, which supply technologies and distribution alternatives have most potential and which geopolitical regions are best positioned? This point of view addresses those questions and offers recommendations to policy makers and companies on how to position themselves optimally for the accelerated transition to come.

A collective fight against financial crime

The societal challenges we face as society are so complex that we always work with partners who have complementary knowledge or skills. For example, when it comes to detecting and tackling criminal money flows in our banking ecosystem. By collaborating with experts from a wide range of knowledge areas, we contribute to innovative solutions that have a real impact.

Being at the forefront of audit

As Deloitte, we aspire to make an impact that matters. We do so through a wide range of services, not least the Audit & Assurance services that stand at the heart of our firm and of our 175+ year legacy. Many of today’s service offerings are grounded in audit competencies and specialist knowledge. Liesbeth Mol (Chief Quality Officer) and Rob Bergmans (Audit Business Leader) reflect on the past year and look to the future of audit.